New Year, New Boo!

Posted by Sam Costidell on

Hi guys! 

I haven't posted much in the way of news, but I've been very active on Instagram recently! I've completed the prototypes for Boo Series 2 and I couldn't be happier with how they've come out! They've had a wonderful response so far online, I can't wait to get them done and out into your hands!

The Mind Player, Aubrey and Mer-Boo are super excited to meet you guys. Just watch out, these guys are a little more vicious than Series 1! 

I wanted to talk a bit about how production of these is gonna go. For each release of Series 1 I produced all three versions at the same time. I realised at the end of the last production run that that causes a few problems. First and foremost is the number I can make at any time - if I make 30 Boos, that means I'm only making 10 of each, which causes problems when some people want sets, others only want single ones, there just aren't enough to go around! It also means I get super burnt out having made lots of every version, so I don't want to make any more for a while.

This time, I'm going to produce them one by one. Mind Player will be first, then Aubrey, then the Mer-Boo. This way, I can really focus on a particular Boo, and hopefully keep my energy up for the next batch! More will be available overall, so hopefully everyone who wants one will be able to score one! I'm making sets available initially as pre-orders, so those who know they want all 3 can reserve them in advance and will receive them once the Mer-Boos are complete. Otherwise, when they go up for sale, they'll be ready to go and should ship out straight away! 

I'd love to know what you think of these guys! Who's your favourite?



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