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Hi guys!

I've been working hard the last week to get the store up and running. There's an awful lot more involved with it than you might think - working out the weights for everything, figuring out how to calculate shipping for different countries, making sure you have the right pictures of your products in the right order, ensuring it complies with GDPR and has all the policy stuff available... I may be pushing harder than I need to, but I want this site to look good and feel good to use - and to not get in trouble for the GDPR stuff, even though we all know it's annoying as hell to get cookie stuff visible every time you visit (I've done my best!)

I'm super excited for you guys to visit, and to finally be able to buy the things you've been after for so long. 2018 has been (and still is) a really busy year for me - and I was meant to be having a year off of toy work in order to prepare for my wedding! Instead, we've had the Boo Custom Show back in April (the remaining pieces from which are now in the store, but will only be on sale until the middle of October), which went well enough to encourage me to quit my job and go full time! However, I needed a place to work, so we've built a workshop in my garden. It's still not finished, but once it is I'll give you guys a tour! It took longer to build than we hoped, so prepping for the Toy Art UK show was a bit manic, but we got there and had a really fun day! There's still a few pieces left from that show, so you'll also find those here on the site. We've also attended 6 weddings this year so far, which has been crazy! Just one more to go, and it's my own :)

So what's next? What's happening now? Well, the store is up! What's up for sale?

- Boo Series 1 Special Editions

- Blank Boos

- Boo Custom Show pieces (until mid October)

- Wardens

- Pins

But you can see all that if you click around the site a bunch. I probably didn't need to tell you that. What's next, you may wonder? Well, on the project list I have:

- Boo Series 1 wave 2 - Another batch of the original set of Boos, with clear bodies

- Blank Boos - I'm going to do a run of 50 this month, and you can pre-order those right now!

- Boo Series 2 - the masks are about 80% sculpted, just need a little refinement

- A collab project with a friend of mine to support his comic, which should be pretty fun!

The Blank Boos are going to take priority, as they're what I'm getting asked for the most. This run should hopefully keep us going for a little bit, then I'm going to work on something else from the list to stop myself going mad! Also there'll be hell to pay if I don't devote a bunch of time to wedding prep. Please bear with me this month and next as we near the big day! 

Thanks guys! 


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