Boo Series 2 PRE-ORDER

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The second series of Boos is here! Aubrey, Mer-Boo and the Mind Player are the latest to join the Boos out there in the world, and here you can get the whole set in one fell swoop!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a PRE-ORDER item. This series will be produced colourway by colourway, and will also be available to buy individually once each type is complete. This may mean others who order the Boos individually will receive them before the sets are shipped out. The expected timeline is as follows:

30th December 2018: Series 2 sets go up for pre-order.

2nd February 2019: Mind Player goes up for sale, and will be shipped shortly after.

16th February: Aubrey goes up for sale, and will be shipped straight away.

9th March: Mer-Boo goes up for sale, and will be shipped straight away. With all 3 Boos completed, the Series 2 sets will also ship at this time. Priority will be given to shipping the sets.

These timings may change slightly, but this is the current plan! If you do not want to wait until all 3 are complete, please add a note to your order or send me a message via the Contact Us page. This will incur extra postage costs, which I will send you an invoice for.